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Drew Weaver
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Dean Weaver

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Company Description

Weaver Materiel is a wholesale distributor of consumable products, minerals and chemicals primarily servicing the metal casting industry.

Weaver Materiel is proud of our long and enviable reputation of representing the highest quality companies and products in the industry. We are also proud of our customer service and our ability to enhance our customer's market position and profitability by solving their problems with a competent, dedicated sales and office staff.

Company History

Weaver Materiel Service was founded in June of 1944 by Fred L. Weaver, Sr. Fred’s foundry career included 10 years as Technical Superintendent of American Standard’s “Bond Plant” in Buffalo, NY. His duties included supervision of sand control, the chemistry lab and the melting of 300 tons per day of grey iron for the production of boilers and radiators.
In 1934, he moved his wife and four children to Detroit where he became Service Metallurgist for The Great Lakes Foundry Sand Company. Fred liked the traveling associated with his position and recognized that he was readily accepted by the industry for his knowledge and ability to solve casting problems. It was here, in Detroit, that his youngest son, Don, received his introduction to foundry sand by accompanying Dad on Saturdays to run sand tests in the lab.

The foundry industry was booming during the height of World War II. This was an excellent time to fulfill his desire to start his own foundry supply business. So, at age 46, Fred moved his family back home to Buffalo and started Weaver Materiel. He had a flare for words and capitalized on the military spelling of “Materiel” associated with the tremendous, ongoing war effort. The first company Weaver Materiel represented was the Wedron Silica Company in Wedron, IL.

In 1952, Fred and his wife Betty, who handled all of the office work, moved from Buffalo to their summer home on Chautauqua Lake and the office was relocated to Jamestown, New York. During the first eight years of business, Fred realized that there was a missing link between metallurgy and ceramics. Many metallurgists were using ceramic materials, i.e., refractories, and coatings, about which they knew very little. Likewise, ceramic engineers were designing materials for the hot metal industry with little knowledge of metallurgy. It was on this premise that he prevailed upon Don to obtain a degree in Ceramic Engineering. After graduation from Alfred University in 1957 and a tour in the Army as an artillery officer, Don joined the company in January of 1958.

In 1960, the company was incorporated and began to grow by the addition of more foundry materials such as no-bake binders, ceramic tile, core and mold coatings, and equipment. Betty retired in 1968 and a new position was created, now known as Accounting Manager, with responsibilities that include Accounts Receivables and Payables. Fred retired in 1969 after 25 years of growth and Don became President and CEO.

Don, Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps by earning a degree in Ceramic Engineering from Alfred in 1983. He came to work for the company immediately as a Technical Sales Representative. After many years of learning the territory, ‘Dean’, as he is known, was promoted to Vice President and Sales/Marketing Manager. With Don Sr. entering “semi-retirement” in 1999, Dean has become the third generation President and CEO and Don Sr. is now Chairman of the Board. Careful business continuation planning has provided a long-term outlook for our principals.

Dean had not been with the company long before it was obvious that more help was needed in the office. In 1985 the position of Customer Service Manager was created to deal directly with our customers and principals. The last several years have been an exciting and important period in the growth of Weaver Materiel. A state-of-the-art IBM AS/400 computer system has been installed dealing with all phases of the business, but most importantly in the area of order entry. We have also secured warehouse space in Syracuse, NY, Erie and Reading, PA and Holyoke, MA to better serve our customers and relieve our sources from LTL shipments. Two sand transloading operations have also been implemented, enabling us capture additional market share in New England.

Doug Klosen joined Weaver Materiel in 1994 as our Technical Sales Representative in Eastern New York and New England. Doug, also a Ceramic Engineer, came to us with over 25 years of experience in the electric furnace refractory and ceramic industry. Doug covered a portion of the Eastern Pennsylvania territory as well concentrating in the northeast counties of Pennsylvania and areas of New Jersey and Delaware. Doug Sadly passed away in July 2008 after losing his courageous battle with cancer.
Dave Stimson joined our foundry sales staff in October of 1999. Dave now has over 30 years of foundry experience including ferrous and non-ferrous operations; no-bake and green sand molding as well as casting sales. Dave is currently responsible for the Western half of New York State, Western half of Pennsylvania, and portions of West Virginia and Ohio.
With the large and rapid expansion of the sales staff it soon became apparent that more inside support staff was needed. In 1999 a new position of Sales, Marketing and Administrative Assistant was created to serve the increasing needs of the sales force.

The companies we represent who comprise the major portion of our business include Fairmount Minerals (who’s Wedron Silica Division we have represented for 65 years), Foseco, Inc., United Erie, Prince Minerals and Industrial Ceramic Products.

An interesting diversification to our business has been the golf and sports turf industry. We began selling Best Sand (a division of Fairmount Minerals) bunker sand to golf courses many years ago. Recently we began representing Terra Links Division of S&S Processing in Jackson Center, Pennsylvania. Terra Links produces top dressing sands and mixes, construction mixes and a variety of Divot Fix materials. Randy Swanson was hired in March 2007 and is responsible for all of our golf and sports turf consumable sales.

We market ourselves to the turf industry as Weaver Golf & Turf Solutions ( In the “off” season, Randy is a valuable resource for Dean and has a variety of additional in house responsibilities.

Our legacy continues as the fourth generation has joined our company. Don S. Weaver, III or “Drew” graduated from St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY with a B.A. Communications degree in May 2010. Drew is our Sales Representative in the New England territory once covered by Doug Klosen as well as Eastern NY, Eastern PA, NJ and MD. Drew played competitive hockey beginning at the age of 5, culminating in a four year collegiate career playing for the NCAA Division 1 St. Lawrence Saints. Drew is an avid sportsman including hunting, fishing, golf and now adult league hockey. Drew is eager to learn the foundry supply industry and take our company to “the next level”. Once again, the long term sustainability of our company is enhanced with the addition of Drew to our team.

Company Mission

Weaver Materiel will provide the highest quality products and services that consistently meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. We will continually strive to improve and to be of value to our customers. Weaver Materiel will be a good corporate citizen, a responsible, respected, fair and loyal employer of ethical employees. Weaver Materiel will make a sound profit for the benefit of its stockholders, employees and the long-term sustainability of the corporation.

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