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Chris Karr
General Manager, Marketing, Industrial Applications

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General Sales Manager, Metals & Casting Group

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Director, Foundry Technical Sales

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Company Description

Unimin Corporation is North America's largest producer of silica sand, nepheline syenite and high purity quartz, and a major supplier of feldspar, ball clay, kaolin, calcium carbonate, quicklime and hydrate. The Company operates 45 mining and mineral processing facilities in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
With technology and analytical service centers located throughout North America, Unimin operates one of the largest industrial minerals research organizations in the world. Committed to both basic and applied research, these technology centers support research and service initiatives that deliver value to our customers.

Company History

Unimin Corporation was founded in 1970 with the acquisition of local silica sand companies in Virginia and Minnesota. In 1973, SCR-Sibelco of Belgium became a major investor in Unimin, the majority shareholder in 1984 and the sole shareholder in 2006. The Sibelco Group is a privately held mineral mining and processing company with a long-range perspective that guides the business in pursuit of opportunities for sustainable growth.

Company Mission

Unimin is a technology-driven company drawing from a diversified product portfolio and worldwide production capabilities. Our business philosophy is to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner, continuously refine and improve our products and services, and always deliver real value for our customers.
Unimin is certified a sustainable company by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the world’s most widely used reporting framework. The Company is certified in the four major areas of sustainability; Economic, Environmental, Social and Governance. Unimin has been twice recognized for its exemplary safety and health record with the Sentinels of Safety award by MSHA and NMA, and is regularly acknowledged for its outstanding environmental stewardship and employee volunteerism.
The complete report "Value Beyond Mining" can be found at

Products and Services

Unimin offers North America’s most extensive portfolio of high purity core and molding sands. INCAST® silica grades range from GFN 25 for lost foam backing to GFN 125 for non-ferrous molding. These engineered foundry sands are characterized by their low total surface area and uniform PSD, providing the ideal conditions to maximize tensile strength while reducing resin, catalyst and additive consumption.

Technical service is provided by application-focused customer teams. Their training is industry specific; with emphasis on the function and performance of our foundry sands in resin bonded core and molding processes, green sand and lost foam backing. With hands-on experience these teams facilitate the technical exchange that can help our customers improve productivity and yield, minimize emissions and waste, and create a sustainable competitive advantage.