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David N. Greek, Jr.

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Dale P. Welsh – VP Finance
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Company Description

Manufacturing and Warehouse Locations
• Cincinnati, OH
• Indianapolis, IN
• Birmingham, AL
WORLDWIDE distribution includes: The United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe and the Pacific Rim

Company History

In 1896 when John Hill founded the Hill and Griffith Company, the concept of quality was adopted. He stated, "Hill and Griffith feels that the integrity of the company must be represented in the products and services bearing our names and labels." Today, this tradition still lives on.

Since it was founded, The Hill and Griffith Company has been recognized for many firsts. We have contributed form mold release agents, and metal and concrete casting lubricants to the industry. With an ongoing investment in research and development, Hill and Griffith has achieved unparalleled leadership with the introduction of new technologies, as well as quality supplies.

Company Mission

Our mission is to continually improve the company’s products and services in a manner that will meet or exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.

Products and Services

Hill and Griffith Product Line-up Metal and Die Casting Products:
• SLIKEASE® (Biodegradable) & SLIKEASE® 50 (Biodegradable) — Environmentally responsible, renewable resource based on mold release.
• AQUAPART® II with Graphite — Water-based, environmentally friendly, fire-resistant mold release.
• Y-250™, SUPER SLIK™, GENCO™, AVON™ — Green sand release agents.
• COBRA™ — Cold box release agents
• AIR SET™ — No-bake release agents.
• EZ-KOTE™ — Mold coatings .
• GREEN HORNET™, SHURSTIK™ & other core/mold adhesives.
• GRIFLUBE™ HYDRAULIC FLUIDS AND SPECIALTY LUBRICANTS — fire resistant and environmental compliant.
• MOLD SEAL™ & COPESEAL™ — Mold sealants.
• DRYCOLUBE™ & DILUCO™ — Die casting release agents.
• CONCOTE™ — Permanent mold coatings.
• SLAGONE™, SLAG FINE™, SLAG KLEEN™, SLAG SET™ — Slag coagulants.
• Safety and workplace equipment —
• Many other specialties to meet your environmental and casting needs.

Concrete Release Agents:
• GRIFCOTE® BIO GOLD - Bio-degradable, 100% non-petroleum form release.
• GRIFCOTE® LV-50 - Bio-degradable form release with reduced viscosity.
• GRIFCOTE® FR-50-VOC - Reactive form release agent with the ideal level of fatty acid to promote reduced bug holes and excellent release. Helps to clean "dirty" forms and keep them clean.
• GRIFCOTE® FR-8-VOC - The most economical reactive concrete form release for general applications.
• GRIFCOTE® PR-SS-VOC - A higher reactive release material designed for packerhead pipe operations.
• GRIFCOTE® CC-150-VOC - Ideal for seasoning new steel forms to prevent sticking and build-up during initial pours.
• GRIFCOTE® NON-SIL DRY PARTING - Designed for patterned concrete applications.
• GRIFCOTE® COROSIL GB - A water-based sodium silicate for sealing cured concrete. Also recommended for application to dry cast operations where steam rooms are not available.
• GRIFCOTE® Spray Tanks - Especially designed for use with the reactive form release agents. All parts that come into contact with the form release are non-reactive, eliminating the formation of metallic oleate and degradation of the spray tank.
• GRIFCOTE® RI - A rust inhibitor to provide protection for steel forms.