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Company Description

Porter Warner Industries (PWI) is a distributor of foundry supplies since 1946.
PWI sells foundry consumables that range from alloys to zircon
PWI represents the finest manufacturers in the foundry industry
PWI has 12 warehouse locations from South Carolina to California to better serve our customers

Company History

The early stages of PWI began in 1890 when Joseph Warner organized a slate mine in Tennessee. He sent his son Porter Warner to run the operation. In 1895 Porter Warner expanded the company by purchasing a limestone deposit in Georgia. In 1918 Porter Warner purchased a number of bauxite mines.

In 1922 Porter Warner purchased a natural bond sand plant in Camden, TN. This plant provided the molding media for foundries making stove parts. In 1941 Porter Warner, Jr. joined the company.

In 1946 Porter Warner Jr. established Porter Warner Industries.

Company Mission

Porter Warner Industries is committed to running a profitable company. PWI is committed to meeting customer requirements and increasing customer satisfaction. PWI provides a safe working environment for our employees. PWI is committed to being a good corporate citizen and meeting all regulatory requirements.

Products and Services

Porter Warner Industries has seventeen technical sales representatives to service the foundry industry. The products that PWI represents and services cover the entire foundry from melting to finishing. In addition to our distributed products, PWI also has two manufacturing locations.

The first manufacturing operation is a resin coated shell sand plant located in Chattanooga, TN. This plant manufactures shell sand exclusively for the foundry industry. PWI does not coat sand for fracing applications.

The second manufacturing site is a core shop located in Arlington, TX. This shop produces shell cores for the foundries located in Texas and Louisiana.