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Bill Hunter
President & CEO

Additional Contacts

Jim Fitzgerald
Vice President & COO

Karen Hunter
Executive Director

Peter J. Li
Managing Director, Asia Pacific

Paolo Nazari, Ph.D
Director, European Operations

Gustavo Debona
Director, Hunter do Brasil


Company Description

Hunter’s single focus is and has always been the foundry industry. And, just as its inventions have earned nearly 150 patents around the world, its innovations have reached from 1964 into the 21st century. Today, with more than 1,800 molding machines and mold handling systems installed around the world, Hunter’s sales and service reach extends from its manufacturing sites in North America, South America and Asia-Pacific, through its offices in the U.S.A., Europe, Brazil, India and China, to every corner of the globe. Customer access to technical support, as well as the company’s $12 million parts inventory, serve to maintain each machine’s original production capability.

Company History

In 1963, Al Hunter had an idea for a new type of automated green sand molding machine and founded the company the following year. Hunter’s machines have evolved the foundry industry during the last 50 years with many refinements and technological improvements. And while common wisdom suggests that “Pioneers get the arrows, settlers get the land,” Al Hunter revolutionized an industry by pioneering the
adaptation of automated machinery that changed the foundry world. Those who knew him will tell you: Al never “settled” for anything less than design integrity and simplicity. Hunter employees have carried his worthy legacy and tradition from one generation to the next, at all levels throughout the company.

Spanning six decades, Hunter has produced machines for foundries that serve nearly every industry and application in the world. They include …
• Aerospace
• Agricultural
• Architectural
• Automotive
• Aviation
• Construction
• Government
• Hardware
• Heavy Equipment
• Hydraulics
• Lighting
• Machinery
• Manufacturing
• Maritime
• Oil & Gas
• Telecommunications
• Transportation
• Utilities
• Wind Power

Company Mission

Since its founding in 1964 as Hunter Automated Machinery Corporation, the mission of Hunter Foundry Machinery Corporation has been to develop the most innovative solutions possible for the automation of green sand matchplate molding and mold handling processes throughout the foundry industry.

Products and Services

The latest addition to Hunter’s matchplate molding equipment line, the HLM-10, was introduced at the AFS 2013 CastExpo in St. Louis. It represents a proprietary new concept in automated matchplate molding technology. Hunter’s new HLM Series combining and integrating magnetically coupled rodless cylinders and linear bearings for movements of the squeeze platen, cope flask, sand measuring hopper and other components are an industry first.

Moreover, where cam followers, wheels, tracks, rails and other mechanical components subject to wear and degradation have previously been used for these motion functions, the HLM’s sealed linear motion slides and rodless cylinders replace these older components to provide smoother, quieter and more energy-efficient operation. This results in lowered maintenance requirements, greater machine stability and improved mold quality.

Additionally, Hunter’s full line of turntable and linear mold handling machines are used in nearly every country where metal casting occurs throughout the world, with all types of molding machines, regardless of manufacturer.