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Company Description

Fargowear engineers and manufacturers replacement parts for virtually all makes and models of sand mixers and sand mullers.

Company History

Fargowear was formed in 1984 with the acquisition of the assets of Fargo Machine and Tool/Plow Coa. Fargo Plow Coa had manufactured replacement parts for the foundry industry since the 1950s. Fargowear and it's predecessor company pioneered the carbide tipped muller plow, Ni-Hard Muller bottoms, polyurethane muller liners and ceramic faced plow. All of these heavy duty replacement parts are designed for use in high production foundries where long wear lift is necessity.

Company Mission

Fargowear continues to design and manufacture high quality, heavy duty, long life wear parts for the foundry industry. We also continually work with our customer base to improve product technology and offer better service life for all Fargowear replacement parts.

Products and Services

Carbide tipped plows, ceramic faced plows, Ni-Hard muller bottoms, polyurethane muller liners, muller wheels recoated with polyurethane for long life, carbide tipped sprue drills, No bake mixer paddles, Abrasion, resistant steel muller bottoms and crib liners. In addition to all the replacement parts above about 20% of our business is in custom designed wear parts for the foundry and refractory industries. Bring us your wear problem and we will help you solve it.