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Jenniffer Deckard
President & CEO

Additional Contacts

Jerry Clancey
Executive VP

Joe Fodo
Executive VP & COO

Maureen ‘Mo’ Lynn
VP Sales

Company Description

Fairmount Minerals has been an industry-leading, dependable source for high-quality sand products and technology. With an unparalleled logistics network to solve any need timely and efficiently, Fairmount Minerals offers both top quality products and services, and a business partnership you can feel good about.

Fairmount has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. We strive to exceed Sustainable Development practices and expectations and actively work to ensure that our actions positively impact the three pillars of sustainability:
• People — Social responsibility to our employees, their families, and to our communities
• Planet — Environmental stewardship and the responsible use of our natural resources
• Prosperity — Economic prosperity not only for our company, but for stakeholders and the world community

One source. Many resources.
We pride ourselves on offering our business partners tailored options for meeting specific technical, operational, quality, environmental and economic requirements. Fairmount offers some of the most recognizable and high-quality foundry products on the market today. Our product line includes Wedron Silica and Best Sand high-purity silica, high-purity gravel, the industry-leading TechniSand™ resin-coated sands, and Alpha Resins premium chemical binder systems. We can help customers apply our products and technology to boost production speeds, use less product, reduce scrap rates, and improve bottom line profitability.

Lower impact.
Our foundry products adhere to the Fairmount Minerals creed of “Do Good. Do Well.” By working with our various materials, our partners are helping to create a cleaner work environment with reduced emissions. We believe strongly in minimizing our impact on the environment and by understanding the broader trends affecting sustainability, we are able to anticipate and identify areas of opportunity and risk that will enable us to continue championing environmental and social improvements while also growing our business.

Fairmount Minerals believes in social entrepreneurship and that message resonates loud and clear with our employees. We want to be an agent for world change that goes beyond the typical measures of profit and return. We endeavor to organize, create and manage ventures for social change, building a company culture focused on “Do Good” for society while we “Do Well” as an organization. Fairmount Minerals is proof that a company can successfully campaign for social improvements while still profiting financially in business.

Company Mission

We, the Fairmount Minerals family, are united in our commitment to exceed all expectations while fulfilling our economic, social, and environmental responsibilities.