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John E. Carpenter
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Company Description

Carpenter Brothers, Inc. is a dealer /distributor /representative for manufacturers of industrial supplies and equipment. Though foundry supplies and equipment have been and still make up the majority of products and sales, diversification has added products and services for the die casting, environmental, blast cleaning and surface finishing industries. Consumable products include metals and ferro-alloys such as Molybdenum, Silicon, Chromium, Manganese, Carbon, Aluminum, Inoculants and other specialty products. Also included are sand additives, pre-blends, olivine, zircon and other specialty sands, chemical binders, refractory coatings, ceramic filters, and many more. Our equipment line includes sand preparation equipment, including sand heaters and coolers, continuous mixers, and mullers. Also included are electronic sand laboratory equipment, automated core and molding machines, shake-out and material handling systems, sand reclaimers, robotics and complete turnkey foundry systems. Molten metal melting furnaces and transporting ladles are also represented.

Carpenter Brothers, Inc. promotes technical progress and success for the foundry and other industries. To this end, all Carpenter Brothers, Inc. divisions conduct several in-plant and invitational technical seminars each year. Subjects include “Casting Defects – Sand or Metal?”, “Metallurgy of Sand Casting,” “Sand Technology,” “Melting Practice”, “Computer Simulation,” “Core Room Practice,” “No Bake Binder Systems,” “Metal Inoculation,” and “Various Types of Foundry Equipment.” Our personnel are always available for in-plant technical training, education and service, including trouble-shooting casting defects, metallurgy, and equipment problems.

The 97 years of Carpenter Brothers' continuing success is attributed to the high level expertise on specific foundry processes and products and the technical and manufacturing knowledge of our sales and customer service personnel

Company History

In 1917, Everett and Milton Carpenter formed Foundrymen's Supply Company. The brothers both enlisted in the First World War the following year. In 1919, after their return, the company incorporated and became Carpenter Brothers, Inc.

The two Carpenter brothers maintained their company during the Depression years by selling natural bonded Wisconsin molding sand to area foundries. This was when foundry sand was mined with a pick and hand shoveled into horse drawn carts. Milton Carpenter died in 1942 and his brother, Everett, became President.

The company increased the number of manufacturing companies it represented and expanded its sales territory. Everett's son, John, joined the company in 1963, after working at foundries on the east coast. Upon Bradley Booth's retirement in 1979, John succeeded him as President of Carpenter Brothers, Inc. In 2010 Michael J. Morrison succeeded John as President. John maintained his CEO and Chairman duties.

Today, the company's headquarters remains located in the greater Milwaukee area, with branch offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Muskegon, Michigan; Kokomo, Indiana; Springfield, Ohio; St. Louis, Missouri; Waterloo, Iowa; Elyria, Ohio and Homer, Michigan. Our field representatives provide experienced technical knowledge and sales guidance to our customers throughout the continental United States. Warehouse locations and additional bulk transfer facilities allow the company to provide just-in-time and immediate delivery service, resulting in continued growth and success. The longevity and success of Carpenter Brothers, Inc. is due to the skilled technical sales and engineering staff that serves our customers and a full support customer service department and sales staff that is always ready to assist with placing and shipping your orders.

J Carpenter Environmental, LLC was established in January 2006 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Carpenter Brothers, Inc. J Carpenter Environmental, LLC focuses on environmental cleanup products and processes, addressing heavy metal, hydrocarbon, and air cleanup challenges. For more information visit:

Carpenter Brothers, Inc. is a corporate member of American Foundrymen's Society and holds membership in the Foundry Educational Foundation, Ductile Iron Society, Non-Ferrous Founders' Society, Society of Die Casting Engineers, Casting Industry Suppliers Association, as well as other technical organizations

Company Mission

is the answer to the question: Why buy from Carpenter Brothers, Inc. ?

By doing business with Carpenter Brothers, Inc., founded in 1917, you will have access to Mechanical, Metallurgical, Industrial and Professional Engineers. Every one of our 23 technical sales/service team members has had many years of foundry and other industrial experience and training, both before and after they came to Carpenter Brothers. This experience includes supervision, pattern shop, the melt deck, metallurgical and core binder research and development, sand systems, surface finishing, journeyman tool making, plant equipment and foundry engineering. All have either written technical papers, given technical talks, conducted seminars, and/or been instructors at customer industrial plants and various industrial trade associations. This expertise also includes sales engineers with many years of experience solving "environmental" problems such as hazardous waste containment, and providing solutions to heavy metal, hydrocarbon, and hazardous air pollutant cleanup and/or elimination challenges. Additionally, all of our sales engineers are members of local and national trade organizations in order to keep up with cutting edge technology as it is developed.

By ordering from us, you will receive the highest quality, most cost effective, value added consumable and equipment products produced by world respected manufacturers. Also, Carpenter Brothers has been ISO 9002-certified since 1998. When contacting our Carpenter Brothers' internal Customer Service team, you'll find it is made up of foundry and industrial trained personnel that understand your order and anticipate your requirements and shipping needs. Our Purchasing and Logistics Departments provide the highest quality product at the lowest cost to you, and arrange for the shipping and freight to get the product to you most efficiently. Our CPA staffed Accounting Department assures efficient and trouble free business transactions. This, coupled with Carpenter's team of outside technical sales and service engineers, leads to our ability to evaluate your needs and recommend the proper solution. The technical follow up we offer after every sale assures you of quality production results into the future, and is among our most customer-valued offering.

You will not just be buying a product from Carpenter Brothers, all customers gain ACCESS as well, to a trained and experienced group of technical problem solvers in many fields. This 'value added' resource is yours to use.

- John E. Carpenter, CEO

Products and Services

Foundry Products & Equipment:

Gray & Ductile Iron Metals & Alloys
Non-Ferrous Foundry Products
Steel Foundry Products, Metals & Alloys
Chemically Bonded Mold & Core Sand Products
Sand Additives
Specialty Sands
Equipment: Mixers, Molding & Core Machines, Sand Coolers & Heaters, Environmental Control Systems, Tower Aluminum Furnaces, Mold Handling Systems, Sand Reclamation (Thermal & Mechanical), Engineering Services

Investment Casting Foundry Products:

Metals & Alloys
Specialty Sands
Ceramic Filters & Cores
Surface Finishing
Equipment: Thermal Analysis Equipment, Mixers, Melting Furnaces & Equipment, Ladles, CPI Thermal Oxidizers

Die Casting Products & Equipment:

Furnaces & Metal Handling Equipment
Crucibles and Base Blocks
Metals & Alloys
Lubricants & Coatings

Finishing and Surfacing Preparation Products and Equipment:

Metallic and Non-Metallic Abrasives
Grinding Wheels and Belts
Shot Blast and Peening Machines

J. Carpenter Environmental Products and Equipment:

Mineral Separator Replacement Screens
Water Treatment Products and Testing Equipment
Dust Collection Equipment and Systems
Air Pollution Control Equipment
Heavy Metal Treatment Systems
Hydrocarbon Treatment Systems