Mike Brausch
Marketing & Technology Director, Non Ferrous Foundry, North America

Additional Contacts

Glenn Cowie, President
Gary Wilson, Vice President Foundry Foundry NAFTA
Trevor Tackaberry, Marketing & Technology Director Ferrous Foundry, North America


Company Description

Foseco, a Division of Vesuvius USA
20200 Sheldon Road
Cleveland, OH 44142
Tel: 440-826-4548
Fax: 440-243-4694

Foseco, a Division of Vesuvius Canada
333 Prince Charles Drive
Welland, ON Canada L3B 5P4
Tel: 905-732-4441
Fax: 905 735-8245

Foseco is a leading manufacturer and provider of proprietary consumable products and solutions to the global foundry industry. We are dedicated to helping customers improve their operations and businesses with innovative products and services, developing and commercializing the best ideas from customers, employees and our research labs to help customers reach the highest level of performance.
We are committed to continuous improvement and total quality as a way of doing business. Foseco operates in over 100 countries around the world with headquarters for North America in Cleveland, Ohio.

Our Focus

Methoding and Molding Practice
Foseco is synonymous with yield, productivity and quality improvements through the use of feeding systems, filtration, direct-pour technology, high performance mold/core coatings, and mold/core binders. KALMINEX™ K riser sleeves with engineered collapsible steel breaker cores, new generation KALMINEX™ 21 riser sleeves, easily primed STELEX™ PrO Steel Filters and our proprietary HOLCOTE™ FLO CCD Coatings with color drying indicator technology are some of our most recent innovations.

Melt Deck Practice
Foseco offers the most comprehensive range of products for high performance melt deck practice in the market today, including linings, flow control products/stopper rods, ladle lining systems and metal treatment additives .These systems are supported by an experienced Engineering and Research and Development Department. Applications include the refractories required to line channel and coreless induction furnaces, a complete line of SHOTCRETE and GUNNITE products, plastics and low moisture castables, refractories and KALTEK™ ladle boards and shanks for molten metal transfer, alumina graphite stopper rods for bottom pour systems and brick and basic GUNNITE refractories for arc furnaces.

Non-Ferrous Foundry Practice
Foseco has been well known in the metal processing and casting area of aluminum and copper foundries for many years. Our current focus on long life & energy efficient crucibles, total metal treatment with our MTS technology, highly insulating and aluminum resistant INSURAL and other refractory products, filtration and methoding, direct pouring, and permanent mold coatings continues this tradition of innovation and service to the industry.

Research & Development
U.S.-based product development facilities include computer simulation, water modeling, pilot plant capabilities, flow and dip coating facilities, high temperature thermo-physical testing of refractories. Additionally an Analytical Services department operates a full complement of the latest testing equipment, including: XRF, XRD, ICP, and SEM to support existing business segments and investigate new applications.


Foseco quality management systems are registered to ISO 9001:2008.