Company Description

Allied Mineral Products, Inc. is a leading producer of monolithic refractories and precast refractory shapes for the foundry, steel, aluminum, copper and zinc metals markets as well as the cement, power, incineration, mineral processing and boiler industries.

Primary manufacturing, research and corporate headquarters are located in Columbus, Ohio, Additional manufacturing facilities are located in Brownsville, Texas, USA; Tianjin, China; Foshan, China; Johannesburg, South Africa; Tholen, Netherlands; and Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India supported by a worldwide network of distributors, sales and service representatives.

Allied is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company that attracts dedicated, high-quality employees.

Company History

Allied Mineral Products was founded in September 1961. Allied’s expertise in all areas of metal melting applications has developed through more than 50 years of experience including the acquisition and development of new technology. Allied’s worldwide network of manufacturing, research, distribution facilities and sales support throughout the years ensures our ability to provide you superior response time.

Company Mission

“Refractory Solutions Worldwide”

Products & Services

Allied offers custom lining designs, leading edge refractory technology and personalized sales and service support.