At a CISA meeting years ago, several companies met informally as a result of a foundry closing that impacted many of the members. As a result, in January 1986 the Credit Group Association was formed.Today, the CISA Credit Group provides a web based platform for credit managers to exchange accurate and up-to-date credit information on metalcasting companies across North America in a legal, ethical and strictly confidential manner. The process enables members to arrive at individual decisions with respect to the granting of credit.

This is a two staged process that results in a report that usually contains credit information on over 100 accounts. This information and the network of credit professionals to draw from, is one of the biggest assets of CISA. In order to receive the report, you must participate in the credit clearance process.

The first step in the credit clearance process allows each member to submit up to 8 customers for clearance. All of these submissions are compiled in preparation for the second step in the process.

The second step is where all CISA Credit Group members provide their credit information on all of the submitted companies that they sell to.

The information from two of the five sessions is reviewed during the Credit Group meetings at the CISA Annual Business Meeting in November and at the Spring Conference.

The Benefits

  • Up-to-date, real time credit information
  • As a CISA member you already belong to the CISA Credit Group
  • While we encourage the Credit Group representative to attend the full CISA meeting there is a reduced registration fee it they are only attending the Credit Group Meeting held during CISA’s Annual Business Meeting in November and at the Spring Conference
  • Five formal web based Credit Reports per year on specific CISA member company customers and the ability to easily request, or share, information at any time
  • “Days Sales Outstanding” report that reflects anonymously how you stand in relation to other CISA Credit Group member companies
  • Network of the CISA Credit Group member companies Credit professionals

Educational Programs

Often the Credit Group presents an educational program at the Annual CISA meetings. In the past, topics have included:

  • Fraud, Risk, Alert
  • Collections Made Manageable
  • Chapter 11 – Preferential Payments
  • Write Now, Pay Later (Video)
  • Red Flags – What Every Manager Should know about Internal Crime (Video)
  • In Confidence – Your Relationship with Attorney & Client (Video)
  • Corporate liability – Environmental Concerns and the Effect on Credit
  • Bankruptcy Overview
  • Overview of International Payment Methods
  • Credit Insurance