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CISA Members represent the most trusted and valued suppliers and manufacturers of foundry equipment in North America. There are many benefits to membership including career/business improvement and industry affiliation. In addition, CISA is the only Metalcasting Association whose members are NOT metalcasters themselves. Join CISA and network with suppliers who have the same objectives as you.

“What I like about this group is that it’s the only Association whose members are not metalcasters. We come to meetings to learn and not to see who gets to take out the best customer.” Mike Bartol, American Colloid Company.

Membership Benefits

Credit Group

Worried about your customer requests for credit? Having trouble getting paid? If you’re selling to North American Metalcasters the CISA Credit Group can help. As a CISA member, you’ll have access to real-time credit information on prospective customers. Since CISA members are the premier suppliers to the North American Metalcasting Industry, the Credit Group Reports are the most accurate information available. Learn more about how CISA members share this invaluable information.

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Statistics Program

Benchmark your company’s performance with the CISA Statistics Program. CISA offers a monthly foundry industry sales statistics reporting program to all participating members that provides comparative data of member sales in four categories. Compiling with antitrust guidelines, CISA member company sales are reported electronically to a third-party, who aggregates the data and then sends each participating member company an updated chart. This chart contains 12-month trending sales data and comparable month-to-month and year-to-year metrics. Neither CISA staff nor members have access to individual competitors’ sales data. However, participating members receive information that enables them to track how foundry industry suppliers are doing, and the ability to benchmark their company against industry trends.

“There is nothing like being in the know from information provided by the very best suppliers in North America. The new Statistics Program, designed by CISA, will give us an insight into Foundry buying trends that are not available through any other source.” Mark Ziegler, Unimin Corp.

International Group

Every member of CISA is automatically qualified to be a member of the CISA International Group. The group’s mission is to promote CISA member companies’ products, services, and technologies around the world. This makes it easier, cheaper, and quicker for member companies to evaluate, enter, and succeed in international markets.  The CISA International Group includes:

International Trade Shows and Seminars

Through CISA, member companies can hold seminars in key foundry market locations where they can highlight their market leading products and technology to a captive audience. Attending international trade shows and seminars as a member of CISA allows for a larger group presence, and therefore, the ability to negotiate and share costs more effectively. A trade show booth is set up to solicit new members and promote or represent current CISA members.

Knowledge Base & Networking

CISA members have the opportunity to share knowledge within the group, which can act as a resource for those interested in entering new and lucrative markets.


CISA holds two meeting each year. Escape the cold at The Annual Conference, usually held in early Spring. The Fall Annual Meeting & Business Outlook is held in November. CISA members in attendance will get to participate in networking and leisure activities. In addition, members will hear from expert keynote speakers. Learn more about the annual conferences.

Member Directory

As a CISA member your company will be featured on the website. Your company will have a customized profile page featuring your company logo, description, products, and contact info. Your company will also be included within the CISA website directory. Our directory allows potential customers to search for trusted suppliers and manufacturers of foundry equipment. View our member directory.

Quality Systems & Special Projects

Stay up-to-date on quality systems through CISA membership. On an on-going basis, a questionnaire is mailed to all CISA members concerning the status of their quality systems. The results of this questionnaire are compiled and shared at future meetings. Other special projects include the Maintenance and Customer Satisfaction Surveys. All CISA members are provided the results.

“CISA is absolutely the least expensive credit information group in North America and perhaps, at least in my opinion, has the most accurate and up-to-date information on North American metalcasters. Six years ago, we became members of CISA primarily to have the opportunity to be a part of the CISA Credit Group and we sure are happy we did.” Dennis Ziegler, HA International

Foundry Equipment Buyers’ Guide

The CISA “Foundry Equipment Buyers’ Guide” has been prepared by members of CISA to help foundries specify, select, install, and properly utilize the equipment most suited to their needs. The guide is now used by many purchasing managers from foundries of all sizes. Foundries that purchase from CISA members understand they are purchasing from a company who has met the CISA Code of Ethics. This gives CISA members a true advantage over non-members when selling equipment and/or engineering services.

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In order to join CISA, a prospective member must first meet certain criteria.

The first requirement is that the applicant must be a registered North American Company and is a supplier of Equipment, Systems or Consumable Products to the Foundry or Metalcasting Industry.

If your company meets these basic requirements then contact and Request an application.