Our History

In 1919, the Casting Industry Suppliers Associations (formerly known as the Foundry Equipment and Materials Association) was formed. The common problems of the war and post-war period highlighted the need for effective group action to advocate for the interests of the manufacturers of foundry equipment and materials. Our organization recently celebrated 100 years, which is a testament to the long standing membership.   It is no accident that CISA members do better than those who do not belong to our strong organization.

Today, the need for group rather than individual action is apparent as past challenges and opportunities still exist. Therefore, CISA members are committed to making significant contributions to the casting industry. CISA members believe the casting industry can thrive, and continue to be an integral part of that effort because they represent proactive companies that are concerned with producing positive outcomes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality information, education and business networking opportunities to help our members improve their business.  We work with international institutions to benefit the casting industry and foster rewarding professional and business relationships.

Our Code of Ethics

CISA seeks to promote ethical behavior and help support civil and criminal law by discouraging universally undesirable conduct and unlawful activities, as well as to enhance the economic efficiency of the industry and the overall public good.

Our Governing Bylaws

CISA’s bylaws detail the association’s mission and its guidelines for membership including dues, annual meetings, and the election of officers.  These bylaws serve as a map for general operations of the group and are reviewed on a regular basis to be accordance with existing national and international law.

Our Staff

Claude Hutchens – General Kinematics


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Bryon Barber – Canfield & Joseph

1st Vice President

Nathan  Wollenburg- Prince Corporation

2nd Vice President


Mark Ziegler

CISA Executive Director


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