Sara Joyce, Badger Mining  received the William H. McFadden Gold Medal for technical contribution to the foundry industry during the AFS Metalcasting Congress in Milwaukee, WI at the Annual Banquet.

Doug Trinowski, HA-International was given the honor to present the Hoyt Memorial Lecture at the AFS Metalcasting Congress.  His presentation was entitled, “The Power and Need for Research in Metalcasting”.

Rod Naro, ASI International presented the first ever “Golden Anniversary Paper” at the AFS Metalcasting Congress.  His paper updated both the original research work published in 1967 as well as the updated 1992 “Silver Anniversary Paper” on mold-steel interface reactions on steel casting surfaces.  It reviewed both published and unpublished research over the past 50 years and focused on advances in mold and core making technologies and correlated how they influence casting surface quality.


Please congratulate  CISA members Sara, Doug and Rod on achieving these honors.


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